Saturday, February 11, 2017

Harassed by the blind

Within few days of joining her new school which has schooling and boarding facility for blind girls up to tenth standard, a visually challenged girl Parul (name changed/totally blind) realized that her colleague are bumping on her repeatedly.

Frustrated by their act Parul decided to speak to her collauges and classmates individually. She tried to explain to them that their behavior is not correct and she is getting troubled. Moreover, she is not a bad girl to build friendship.

Most of the girls were apologetic though some were surprised but denied of any intentional act.

Couple of weeks passed but nothing changed for Parul. She wondered as to why someone should behave with her like this. Why people are trying to trouble her? She could not find answers to her questions. Therefore, she decided to ignore and stay away from everyone.

Months passed but things never improved. Parul started feeling that all the girls have grouped together to trouble her. She was further frustrated and depressed.

Finally, Parul decided to break her silence. She reported the matter to her class teacher. The class teacher was surprised at the kind of complaint but still decided to reprimand the students. The students pleaded not guilty but explained that they end up colliding with her accidentally as they would with anyone else. Moreover, this was never intentional.

The students started avoiding Parul as they felt that she is a snobbish and a fussy girl. Parul was disturbed, as no one would talk to her, help, and play with her.

Parul made up her mind to quit the boarding school and informed her parents about it when they came to meet her on the weekend. Her parents in turn reported the matter to the principal. After hearing the whole story from Parul, the principal was surprised and so were her parents.

The principal called Paruls’ class teacher and having got the feedback from her decided to speak to Parul and the students. Even so, all the students continued saying they never ever intentionally harmed Parul in any way but Parul would not agree. She kept saying, “They have ganged up against me and they are doing this on purpose. They do not want me in this boarding school. My Parents and my brother are very loving they never behave with me like this when I am home.”

The principal tried to explain, “As the blind cannot see they end up colliding with people and there is nothing intentional about it.” Parul immediately retorted, “What do you mean when you say they cannot see.” The principle again tried to explain, “Those who have sight they can see the things around them. Your parents and your brother can see you and they move out of the way when you are around.”

Surprised, Parul replied, “Oh… I never new people have sight.”

Parul is now out of the school and is a grown up girl. However, whenever she meets her school friends, they always talk about this episode among themselves and laugh.