Sunday, June 22, 2014


On a rainy day my nephew and I decided to go to Pandavkada which is near to our house. It is a waterfall at Kharghar Navi Mumbai. From Kharghar railway station one can take a bus and reach the spot.

Pandavkada in rainy season is a picnic spot for some and for others it’s a hike for an hour that gets you to the base of the waterfall. Many people love to spend their time sitting next to the waterfall enjoying tea / coffee and snacks. On the way you find many vendors selling different things. Our favorite was bhutta.

Kids love the hike too as it is a very simple one with no exertion at all. And if one does not want to take the trouble of walking till the base of the waterfall one can always use ones bikes and try to reach as near to the base as possible. For that the only trouble one has to go through is to negotiate a few water channels that are there in the way.

My nephew and I enjoyed the hike very much. We were completely drenched while coming back from the base of the waterfall. 

A cup of tea made us feel a lot better.