Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Way I See It

Recently, I have joined a course with The Hadley School for the Blind. While going through their study material which comes in Braille print, I also happen to read their news letter and came across this poem- “The Way I see it.”

I liked this beautiful poem very much, so I decided to share it with you all. The poem goes like this-

The Way I See It

To the world around me,

The grass is green.

But the way I see it,

It’s cool and clean.

A mountain is awesome,

Created by time.

But the way I see it,

It’s a long, hard climb.

An airplane is scary,

To some folks inside.

But the way I see it,

It’s a carnival ride!

The ocean is awesome,

A beautiful sight!

But the way I see it,

It’s power and might!

Life gives us challenges,

That we all must meet.

But the way I see it,

There’s no room for defeat!

A world without sight,

Is the only one I know.

But the way I see it,

It’s a wonderful show!

By Duane and Lisa Hawk

Lisa and Duane Hawk are long-time Hadley School students studying poetry. The poem actually began as a joke. During the couple’s choir practice, the director forgot that people with visual impairments cannot simply read sheet music on demand. On the way home, Duane and Lisa, both a little put-off, grumbled that, at times, they “see” things very differently than others. Duane exclaimed, “As a blind person, the way I see it, an airplane trip is not scary, it’s a carnival ride!” When Lisa received her assignment, they remembered the joke and decided to turn it into a poem.