Thursday, June 5, 2014

About Us

We appreciate your visit to our “About Us” page. So, let us tell you something about us. Though we used to meet, each other quiet regularly on the treks we did in the Sahyadri region near Mumbai, we never new each other well enough until we started meeting each other at The National association for he Blind.

“Fatema is a very cheerful and a fun loving girl. But I always wondered as to how she manages with her visual imperilment. Fatema suffers from RP (Retina Pigmentoa) a hereditary eye disease in which progressive degeneration of the retinal pigments leads to impairment of vision and, ultimately, to blindness. Compared to this my impairment of congenital cataract seemed trouble-free.

Apart from trekking which we both are very much found of Fatema likes listening to music, reading Braille and audio books, playing chess, (blind people play chess on a different chessboard} sometimes dancing and of course quarreling with me. Sometimes she does end up cooking that perfect dinner but hates being ignored and also is very possessive about me.”

“We never talk about religion as Shivanand knows I hate to discuss it. But he has no issues with me following mine. He believes that Humanity is the only religion and does not follow any rituals. He always loves to follow the game of cricket and every time has a few comments to make. He is more of a loner and does not like to be bothered. A straight person he seldom lies.

Both of us have our offices in the same area. And he is rarely not around to escort me to my place of work and vice versa. He is a banker and I work as a telephone operator with The Sales Tax office.

Marrying was a difficult decision but, we have always stayed together for each other.”