Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sex-a taboo!

Why sex is a taboo? As a visually challenged couple, we have gone through this, a lot. Many times, walking with my wife on the streets, holding hands, has not been appreciated by the passer byes or the people on the street. They look at us strangely, pass some mindless dirty remarks, as though we have committed some heinous crime, by holding hands and they are there for the society, appointed by the society, for moral policing. But, their supervisory ideas turn into sympathy, not even empathy, only when they realize that we are visually challenged. It happens only with some, there are many who still have a comment or two to pass, or, they keep staring at us, till we have gone far away, as though we are animals from the zoo.

To deal with this problem, my wife has found a noble idea of carrying her folding white cane in her hand, in such a way that people notice it and realize that she is blind and I am helping her while walking.

I feel, sex a taboo, has always been a problem world over. What differs is the way the societies look at it.

This reminds me of a couple of incidences which happened with me in the past. In the first case, I was with a group of American friends, who had come to India, to take part in the Himalayan run. While in Delhi, site seeing, I happen to escort a blind colleague of mine to see the Kutub Minar. While I took my blind colleague around, I realized that one of my American friend looked strangely at me and kept distance from me. It was only when we returned to our bus that we had hired for site seeing, he spoke to me and said “People in India are very liberal” I could not understand as to what he was trying to say. So, I asked him what exactly he meant by his statement. And there came the explanation “In US, guys do not hold hands and walk. Homosexuality is looked down upon and it is not freely accepted. People are free to have their own sexual preferences, but I always try to stay away from a few gay people, whom I know, back in the US. Hearing this, I was stunned. I could not believe that he was thinking on those lines. I tried to explain to him that in India, people do not care or even think about it. Though it is prevalent in the society, people just prefer to hide it. But now the trend is changing slowly and surely. Now people might think the way my American friend was thinking.

In the second case, I come across an Australian blind person, who had come to India to play cricket for the blind. While chatting with me in the bus he told me that he always makes sure to keep his folding white cane open, when he is being escorted by a male person and does not bother to do so, when he is with a female.

I understand that homosexuality is not freely accepted in developed countries, as sex in any form in India. Now, since the Indian government has legalized homosexuality, one needs to see what the religious sects have to say about it. I am sure the religious groups will not have anything pleasant to say about this decision by the government.

Personally, I am very happy for the homosexual community, as they have been fighting for there rights for so long.

When we have respect for our own sexuality, why can’t we respect other people’s sexualities? And why sex has to be a taboo, in any form?


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